Child Support

How is child support calculated?

The basic amount of child support a parent should pay is set out in the Federal Child Support Guidelines. The amounts will vary depending on how much a parent earns, how much time the children spend with each parent, and how many children the parent has to support. If the child or children live more than 40% of the time with one parent, then the other parent will usually pay child support based on his/her income and the number of children. If the children live an approximately equal amount of time with both parents then in theory each parent will pay child support to the other based on their income and number of children. In reality, the amounts are set-off from one another with the higher earning spouse paying the difference to the lower earning spouse. This is general information and may not apply in your circumstances.

What is meant by Section 3 and Section 7 amounts?

Section 3 child support is the basic amount that is considered appropriate for a parent to pay to ensure the child’s basic needs are met. Section 7 amounts are intended to cover additional expenses that arise in excess of the day-to-day basics covered by section 3 child support.

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