Adult interdependent partners

When do you become an adult interdependent partner to another person?

This is set out in the Adult Interdependent Relationships Act. Factors that will impact whether or not you may be an adult interdependent partner include whether you share one another’s lives, are emotionally committed to one another, function as an economic and domestic unit, have a child with one another or enter into an Adult Interdependent Partnership agreement with one another.

What happens to our property when we separate?

Married couples can look to the Matrimonial Property Act of Alberta to see how property is divided when they separate. However, that Act does not apply at the moment to adult interdependent partners. Nevertheless, an adult interdependent partner may be able to bring a claim against the property of a former adult interdependent partner. This can be a very complicated issue and should be discussed with an experienced family lawyer.

Do I have to pay spousal support to my former adult interdependent partner?

The Family Law Act sets out factors a court will look at when determining if an adult interdependent partner should pay spousal support. Factors may include the length of time you lived together and your functions during the relationship. Each situation is unique. If you are separating and concerned about spousal support, you should speak to an experienced family lawyer to discuss your particular situation.

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